Learn Perfect French Pronunciation in just 6 months

With The "Perfect French Pronunciation System", You Will Speak French Like A Native In Just 6 Months

If you ever found French a difficult language to understand and speak correctly, do not desperate and let our proven 3-steps method work for you !

Are you struggling with your French at the moment ? Do you feel stuck in your progression ? Wishing you had more time ? Let me help you ! 

Frédéric 20 years dedicated to teaching French

Hi, my name is Frédéric, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to the "Perfect French Pronunciation System". I am French, was born in Paris where I spent 30 years before living in several countries (Japan, China, India and USA). I am a professional French teacher with over 20 years of experience teaching French to hundreds of students, from all possible nationalities, in face to face, remote, one to one and group lessons. 

​I am also married to a Japanese wife, with whom I had a kid, now 7 years old. Watching how my kid learned French helped me realized how I could adapt her "natural" learning in French schools, based on the official French syllabus & tools, for adults eager to learn French. 

Based on this experience, I have created my own method to master French pronunciation, wherever you are in your learning curve. You are just a few clicks away from accessing an incredible and unique resource for improving your French, based on 3 effective tools :

The 73 different sounds in French

Not more, not less. Master those, and you will sound like a French​. We will help you get there !

The 41 "Mots-Outils"

Those specific keywords, learned by 6 years old French kids in school, are the basis of your adult learning. 

The 202 French Verb Conjugator

202 verbs recorded by 2 real native French speaker,  all with male & female voice.

Theory And Practice Are Complementary,  
 Our Effective Method Offers Both 

Listen - Speak - Read - Write in French

The Perfect French Pronunciation method uses 4 different strategies

Learning a language encompasses 4 different dimensions : LISTENING - SPEAKING - WRITING - READING. Mastering the pronunciation seems to be mainly about "speaking" correctly, but our method actually tackles the 4 dimensions in a pre-defined way.

  • LISTENING : this is the most important skill needed to achieve your goal. You must first listen carefully, over and over, until you "get it". After only 3 weeks, you will already be able to hear the differences between French sounds. That's already a great achievement !
  • SPEAKING : being able to communicate is the ultimate goal of learning a foreign language, and our exercises will make you repeat each word in a specific optimized order. 
  • READING : when working on listening and repeating, and with all available lessons, you will be reading short simple sentences - voluntarily created to optimize the work on pronunciation. 
  • WRITING : this is probably the least important dimension to improve your pronunciation, but some exercises will make you work on this skill, in order to reinforce your general knowledge of French. 

For each of the 4 dimensions, we will also give you some complementary FREE resources that you can check to complement our method.Remember : learning a language takes time and needs many different ways of approaching the language.

What we promise you will get from this method after only 6 weeks : 

    • better confidence in your pronunciation... and on your path to the PERFECT pronunciation !
    • a good knowledge of the 41 most frequent French "connectors"
    • a better understanding of spoken French heard in real-life dialogues, radio, movies, songs
    • stronger motivation to keep learning

    Get 3 Amazing Products in 1 Single Proven System

    The French Verb Conjugator

    French verbs are known to be the most difficult part of the language. 

    More than 200 verbs

    You will have access to the audio version of more than 200 French verbs categorized by groups (auxiliaries, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and alphabetically. This is simply the most complete resource available on the internet for French verbs conjugation

    Male & female voices

    you will hear one male voice and one female voice reading the exact same French verbs. With 3 different French teachers, our unique French lessons guarantees you excellent results.

    Learn the conjugation !

    For each French verb we have recorded more than 40 variations : the 7 most used tenses (present, past perfect...) for all 6 forms (je, tu, il...). Those subtles variations will help you practice pronunciation and conjugation at the same time !

    Native speakers

    It sounds so obvious for us, but our teachers are real French native speakers, born in France, currently living in Paris. You will never hear some automatic speech synthesis!

    Professional recorded audio files

    you will hear highly professional recorded audio files in mp3 format. Each French teacher has recorded the French verbs in a professional environment. You will be able to hear very distinctly all the subtilities of the French language and French pronunciation.

    More than 13 hours

    Every French verbs is read in approximately 2 minutes, we have 200 French verbs, and 2 different French teachers... that's exactly 800 minutes of French lessons, more than 13 hours!

    The 41 MOTS-OUTILS

    Mots-Outils or "Proformes" are at the base of French language. Without them, you can not articulate a text.If you master the way to use them, they will help you to make you understand by french people. That's why a clear understanding and pronunciation of these words is very important. These words are pronounced by french native speakers.Take your time to repeat them, at your rhythm. These words are yours. French language is yours !

    Starting with the basics !

    (Easy for kids to learn too) Mastering those words should be your obsession, whatever your level is. And we help you to do it. We have lessons at various levels, so don't worry even if you are a complete beginner. Beginners in French can start with the basics and improve their skills from there. The programs are also perfect for those who want to brush up on their listening and speaking skills.For parents who want their children to start French lessons, these files on Mots-Outils are the answer ! The lessons are short so children will not get bored. Practice at home with your kids, your familly or your friends ! Choose the learning tools that best fits you.

    An easy and fast way to learn

    For those of you who are busy and don't have the time to go to classes every week, you don't need to worry about missing a lesson with us.All the lessons in audio and written text are accessible from our website. So, you can study those Mots-Outils with our programs whenever you feel like it. You can also listen to the lessons over and over again, so if you aren't confident about a lesson you can always go back and review at your own rythm.Also you don't need to sit through lessons that teach you things you already know.Choose the lessons you want by going to our lesson list.

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    Lessons that follow you !

    If you are busy and don't have the time to listen to these Mots-Outils in front of your computer, just download them and take them away with you. You can then listen them on your way to work or school. Thus, you don't have to change your daily routine. Use your time wisely and start learning French focusing on these Mots-Outils.


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    1.000 words

    You will be repeating more than 1.000 words if you take the complete lessons on 73 sounds, in various themes. A great way to enlarge your vocabulary while practicing !

    Discover French culture

    While repeating the words, you will also discover French culture like the Parisian Metropolitan and French songs, 

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    Meet your French native speakers  !

    Learn French pronunciation with Yannick

    Yannick, French, 31 ans

    Learn French with Marie

    Marie, French, 61 years old

    Learn French with Frédéric

    Frédéric, French, 35 years old

    Here is our team of enthusiastic French teachers. All audio files have been recorded by 3 different French native speakers. Why is it so important to have different teachers voices in your French lessons, particularly with a male voice and a female voice ? Simply because nobody is speaking exactly the same way, and you need to listen to different French accents if you want to get used to them. Once you are in France, you will come across many different pronunciations : young / old / male / female / non-native French / French from Paris / Marseille / Toulouse...

    And Now, It's Up To You To Get Perfect French Pronunciation With Our “3 Steps Package

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    See what some of our customers have to say:

    Xu Jian-PingChina

    "Thank you ! I've always been a French afficionado, but was always reluctant to speak due to my bad pronunciation as Chinese is very different from French. After 5 months practicing with your method, I feel much more confident !

    I finally understood the subtle difference between "pain" and "pin" after your detailed explanations. Probably as subtle as the intonations in my mother-tongue !

    Stefan Wetler Germany

    Thanks for the verbs, I enjoyed the idea of different French teacher voices and switching between both made me realize even French people do not pronounce exactly the same. Not having synthetic voices makes it closer to real life. I know I can ask more verbs if needed, but so far I haven't missed any. 

    Mohamed FartullahDubai

    Hello Frédéric. Being new to the language, it takes time to get familiar with the tone and accent. The "Mots-Outils" were the ideal introduction - actually not only for the pronunciation itself. By learning those words, I was suddenly able to understand most of the articles read on the internet (I'm still missing lots of vocabulary of course !)

    Having the translation in English and the audio pronunciation is really enjoyable. 

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    • the French Verb Conjugator
    • the 41 Mots-Outils 
    • the 73 Ultimate Sounds

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    For the next four weeks you can benefit from all those advantages. Then, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, just send me an email, delete the videos and audio files off your hard drive, and we will refund every cent of your purchase. No questions asked. Right up to the final day of this 4 week guarantee. Don’t wonder. Don’t think. Just try.


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