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Mastering the French Verbs Pronunciation will help you drastically improve your general French.
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Dear French student,

Chances are that you are struggling with your French at the moment. Sure, you want to speak a good French, but you have little time and you don't want to spend money with expensive private courses.

I understand you. And I have a solution.

My name is Frédéric, I am an experienced professional French teacher and I've been teaching French for 10 years, to more than 100 students, from all possible nationalities. I am used to real face to face lessons (small groups or on a one-to-one basis) as well as distant teaching over the phone or by webcam. All this experience makes me sure that I can help you improve your pronunciation of French!

You are just a few clicks away from accessing an incredible and unique ressource for improving your French : the Audio French Verb Conjugator.

So what makes it so unique ? Well, there are already plenty of French Verb Conjugators on the web, and very good ones. But all of them only offer the same old and standard information : a list of verbs with the conjugation of tenses. Here, what I propose you goes faaaaar beyond ! It is incredibly innovative, powerful and effective.

Oh, last point worth to mention : I willl Make You Save More Than $200 USD !

Yours sincerely, Frédéric

Learn French Pronunciation In 3 Months

More than 200 French Verbs

Get access to the audio version of more than 200 French verbs. This is simply the most complete resource available on the internet for French verbs conjugation since 2007.

Male & Female Voices

You will hear one male voice and one female voice reading the exact same French verbs. With 3 different French teachers, our unique French lessons guarantees you excellent results.

French Native Speakers

It sounds obvious : our teachers are real French native speakers, born in France (in Paris oand in the region "Centre"). The verbs have been recorded by professional material. And you will never hear some automatic speech synthesis!

Our Latest Project

Why Rise is awesome


We focus only on French Verbs Conjugation. Nothing more - nothing less. This will be key to your mastery of this beautiful French language. Why ? Because by studying French verbs you will : 

  • learn new vocabulary
  • perfect your pronunciation
  • improve your confidence

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