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Listen to the verb "venir" :

with Marie-Paule,
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Conjugation chart for the French verb "venir"

venir - /və.niʀ/ - to come (3rd group)

PrésentPassé composé
je viens
tu viens
il vient
nous venons
vous venez
ils viennent

je suis venu
tu es venu
il est venu
nous sommes venus
vous êtes venus
ils sont venus

ImparfaitSubjonctif présent
je venais
tu venais
il venait
nous venions
vous veniez
ils venaient

que je vienne
que tu viennes
qu'il vienne
que nous venions
que vous veniez
qu'ils viennent

ConditionnelFutur simple
je viendrais
tu viendrais
il viendrait
nous viendrions
vous viendriez
ils viendraient

je viendrai
tu viendras
il viendra
nous viendrons
vous viendrez
ils viendront

Participe présentParticipe passé
étant venu

Stop wasting your time !

There are 25 different tenses in French language... 15 of them being just ignored by French natives ! So unless you want to become a teacher of "French literature" at university level or a "French grammarian", those 15 forms are just useless. Don't get me wrong : there are benefits in knowing them obviously, but not for the beginner nor intermediate student. 

Our solution : focus only on the 7 most used tenses  (Présent, Imparfait, Conditionnel, Futur simple, Passé Composé, Subjonctif présent) . That's already a lot to master, and with all 6 "persons" (je, tu, il/elle/on, nous, vous, ils/elles), it adds up to at least 40 variations for each verb. What does it mean for you ? Simply that the same French sounds are repeated several times, with subtle variations. Step by step, by listening those verbs, you will grab the conjugation system and perfect your listening skills.

See how the French Verb Conjugator can help you too !

Xu Jian-PingChina

Thank you ! I've always been a French afficionado, but was always reluctant to speak due to my bad pronunciation as Chinese is very different from French. After 5 months practicing with the French Verb Conjugator, I feel much more confident !

I finally understood the difference between "pain" and "pin" thanks to your detailed explanations. That was probably as subtle as the intonations in my mother-tongue !

Stefan WetlerGermany

Thanks for the verbs, I enjoyed the idea of different French teacher voices and switching between both made me realize even French people do not pronounce exactly the same. Not having synthetic voices makes it closer to real life. I know I can ask more verbs if needed, but so far I haven't missed any.

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